Avani Seema Jha

Poetry and Prose

Remember December?

Going good, going great We were like red, hot embers On a cold, starry night Do you remember December? So good, so great Until you went ahead and lost your temper Gave me love, till daybreak Do you remember December? It’s late, I’m awake See your eyes and then drown in that amber It’s allContinue reading “Remember December?”

Miss me

The texts that weren’t reverted The calls that never came Don’t tell me you miss me They’re proof you don’t care I am naïve as fuck Or maybe I’m just lonely Don’t tell me you miss me I know better now, homie I checked on you religiously Couldn’t sleep unless you were alright Don’t tellContinue reading “Miss me”


My therapist, she hates you She wants me to stay away from you I’ve told her everything you’ve done I’ve told her that I want you My best friend, she hates you Tries to stop me from going back to you She hasn’t looked in your eyes the way I have And drowned in thatContinue reading “Toxic”

Let me help

We haven’t talked in quite a whileNeither of us ever really triedBut when the going gets tough,Please call me when you cry! You’ve shut all the doors…Not even a window is open!I know you’ve always wanted more,And right now, everything is broken These walls you’ve put upAre way too strong…I keep trying to break inIt’sContinue reading “Let me help”

Some of your love

Save some for your motherWho loves you like no otherSave some for your fatherHe ain’t ever been no bother Some for your sisterAnd your little brotherSave some for yourself,My handsome lover! I don’t want it allJust compensate the hurtI’m tired of being lovelornGive me some of your love!

Cigarettes after sex

Pillow talk to me about your exYour iPhone playingCigarettes After SexSkin on skin, babyNo latexAfter that, just lay your head on my chest Apocalypse interruptedBy a single textOn your iPhonePlaying Cigarettes After SexYour hair brush softlyAgainst my armAs you, my love, get up to check In the back of your mindAre you hoping it’s fromContinue reading “Cigarettes after sex”

Swing set

Nothing reminds you of childhood like a swing setI was threeMy dad used to take me to the parkI’d sit and my dad would gently pushMy feet couldn’t reach the groundHe told me to straighten my legs while going upAnd I’d do soHe told me to fold them while coming downAnd I’d do soI didn’tContinue reading “Swing set”


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